San Francisco Snapshots

If you've been following my blog or you follow me on Instagram you're probably aware I recently visited a friend in California. Having already posted a few snapshots from my trip to LA, it's now time to share some highlights of my time in San Francisco. 

Being in the Bay Area, the weather in SF can change very quickly, so layering is key when out and about in the The City by the Bay. That's a lesson I certainly learnt on my trip, which resulted in buying a denim jacket as I didn't take a light enough one with me (you can never have too many denim jackets though). 

There's also a TON of hills in the area and whilst SF is super walkable, parts of the city can get very steep very quickly, so decent walking shoes are a must. It was fun to hop on a cable car every now and then though.

I hope you enjoy flicking through my favourite pictures from San Francisco. It's a truly unique city that has to be experienced in person to see just how incredible it is.

Words Lauren Wade

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