Fickle Friends release the kind of debut album that only comes around once in a while

Formed in the heart of Brighton, after meeting at university, unstoppable five piece Fickle Friends were born and have been blowing up blogs with their vital slices of upbeat pop ever since.

The thrilling outfit have been working on their first release, 'You Are Someone Else' for a number of years and the finished product oozes with smart, ear-catching tunes that sees them make their first full-length mark so confidently.

Opening with 'Wake Me Up', there's little about the number that isn't euphoric but it's one that really shows how well the group have honed their sound, thus serving as a perfect intro to a remarkable album. 

Next up comes 'Glue', the title single of a previously released EP and it practically soars. The sublime synth-led number brims with bouncy beats and lyrics strong enough to worm their way into your head in a heartbeat. Live fan favourite and the track that made everyone sit up and listen originally, 'Swim' makes an appearance and as ever bursts with high octane energy and striking lyricism. 

Photo credit: Daniel Alexander Harris
'Hard To Be Myself' touches on an issue that many young people are affected by at some point whilst growing up or in their twenties. The track is an ode to feeling like you want to be someone, anyone else to get rid of anxious thoughts and feelings. The three minute cut finds Fickle Friends in a refreshingly honest state and the album is all the better for it. 

Sassy and charming, newbie 'Heartbroken' is another stand out single with lyrics like 'You think everything sucks, I really couldn't give two fucks' that displays a more confident and daring side to the band we haven't quite seen before. 'In My Head' is a vocal triumph for singer Natti Shiner and one which sees them slow the pace for a slight pause in upbeat activities. 

'Rotation' bursts into life with strokes of brilliance. Another new cut, it's the sound of Fickle Friends realising they've got their niche nailed and sticking to it; it's pure pop territory with their trademark tropical synth sound and it works so well. 'Hello Hello' may have been released by the band previously but it works in their favour by adding an extra dose of high intensity charm to an already brilliant album. 

Photo credit: Daniel Alexander Harris
Reworked mid-tempo tune 'Paris' is as tangibly intimate as always and sees Shiner's vocals sail with effortless grace. Luscious finale 'Useless' packs a punch with maximal euphoria and heavenly harmonies. Fickle Friends are pure sunshine and have delivered on a promise they made a long time ago. 

If you're looking for a band that lives up to the hype and outshines it completely, look no further than Fickle Friends. 'You Are Someone Else' has been a long time coming but the wait is justified for a debut like this that only comes around once in a while. 

Listen to: 'Glue', 'Heartbroken' and 'Rotation'

Words Lauren Wade

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