An Honest Review: Glossier

Now the hype and general chatter has died down a bit, it's time to weigh in and give my verdict on the best of Glossier's products. The cult American beauty brand launched in the UK back in October 2017 and has gone down a storm on this side of the Atlantic. 

Some of their products are arguably better than others but you have to be impressed by the way Glossier have marketed the brand. The 'millennial' pink aesthetic, bubble wrap zip lock bags and barely there vibe of their products has made them one of the brands to try. 

Since originally writing this post I've had to come back in and edit it as Glossier have released their exciting new eyeshadow formula, Lidstar, that give less shadow and more glow. It's a product I'm yet to try but I'm excited to see if it lives up to its promise of not needing to use a primer before applying. 

Here's what lives up to the hype and what is best to miss out on. 

This is one of those products that really depends on your skin type, as to whether it will work for you. Glossier describe it as a 'lightweight coverage'. It's not really a foundation, but more of a breathable, 'your skin but better' tint that will make you look and feel more awake in the morning. 

One of the best concealers I've ever tried and I've gone through a lot in my quest to find the perfect under eye concealer. It has elastic micro waxes that move with you instead of being caked on top of your skin. The concealer lasts for an average working day and doesn't need to be topped up at all. It's the perfect product for when you don't want to wear too much make-up but still wish to look presentable.

Aptly named, when I first tried this powder I genuinely said 'wow'. This was a relatively new product last year and one I couldn't wait to try and I'm so glad I did sooner rather than later. Wowder eliminates all traces of shine, blurs pores and sets make-up effectively. Sheer, glowy and adaptable - Wowder is everything you need for dewy days.

One of Glossier's most iconic products to date. Cloud Paint makes blush seem less scary and more fun. A pillowy, gel-cream formula, the different shades are easy to blend together on your cheek or wear individually. They create a healthy glow that will last throughout the day and into the evening for prolonged wear.

Similar to Benefit's brow products, Glossier's creamy wax formula is perfect for taming even the unruliest of brows. It's something I don't go a day without using, although I never find I need to top it up throughout the day; like many Glossier products it's incredibly long-lasting. Boy Brow will be your new best friend.

The Birthday Balm Dot Com is a universal skin salve that smells dreamy. Imagine the yummiest Birthday cake you've ever had and that's exactly what this balm smells like. Go wild and use it on your lips, face, body, anywhere you like - it's the balm that does everything for you.

If you like dewy, glowy skin on your face then you'll love the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream - it bottles that formula to give you the same results for your body instead. It's good and it works but it's just not the best product of its kind out there. It makes your skin feel loved but it's pricey and brands like Soap and Glory and Lush sell similar creams at a fraction of the price.

If you're looking for a lip colour that's barely there, then Generation G is perfect. The problem is that most people want the colour they put on their lips to actually show; Generation G doesn't do that. With a range of six different colours, Glossier say the product gives the look and finish of 'just-blotted lipstick, without the blot'. 

Cleansers are always a bit hit and miss. As someone with sensitive skin, I find that the Milky Jelly Cleanser breaks me out and affects my skin quite badly. A pH-balanced, creamy gel formula it's supposed to leave your skin feeling healthy and soft but it just leaves an uncomfortable burning sensation on my face.

Another hugely recognisable product that saw UK beauty fans falling over themselves to own, but it failed the first hurdle: living up to the hype. Glossier market the product as light and buildable, but in my opinion it's too light to make a difference and give my skin the moisture it needs to replenish overnight. This made my skin break out too but Glossier do have a richer version available. It's called Priming Moisturiser Rich, funnily enough, and it's said to be much more luxurious.

Saving the best for last, Glossier's first fragrance really is the ultimate personal perfume. Since I started wearing this towards the end of last year, I've received so many compliments. It's heavy on the base notes and the scent lingers for hours after application; what more could you want?

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Words Lauren Wade

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