Me and The Moon continue to improve and impress on 'It's Alright'

Photo credit: Rob Blackham
Guildford trio, Me and The Moon and cheering up a dreary February with their latest folk-tinged tune, 'It's Alright'. 

Released on indie DIY label My Little Empire Records, Me and The Moon are continuing to improve and impress with each new offering and 'It's Alright' is no exception. 

The track begins with a laidback beat and captivating vocals from Tamara Grzegorzek before blossoming into a heart-swelling melody. 

Me and The Moon have a habit of delving head first into achingly human emotions, but on their  first release of the year bright instrumental textures and slick rhythms increase their appeal tenfold.

The follow up to their critically acclaimed 2017 single, 'Standing Still', is so good it'll coax the goosebumps right out of you. Some tracks require an acquired taste but this isn't one of them. 

If you're looking to be dazzled, you've come to the right place; Me and The Moon are your new favourite band.

Catch Me and The Moon at The Prince Albert, Brighton on 13th March. Tickets are available now.

Words Lauren Wade

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