Live review: Jerry Williams - Latest Music Bar, Brighton

Photo credit: Shot by Phox
The only way is up for Portsmouth-based singer-songwriter Jerry Williams, who has entered 2018 with a fresh bout of shows that will continue to see discussion focused on her thrilling progress.

Tonight sees the young artist take a headline slot at Brighton's Latest Music Bar. A studio by day and intimate venue by night, Williams will undoubtedly be playing spaces far bigger than this in years to come, however the intimate setting works well for the artist and her full band this evening. 

Indie four-piece Coax warm up the crowd and make their Brighton debut with a selection of cuts that set the mood nicely. Their performance presents them as a band with a point to prove and a lot to give; expect to see more of Coax in the not too distant future. 

A short while later Jerry Williams, a stylish figure dressed in white denim, takes to the stage and kicks off proceedings with the bubbling pop bop 'Mother'. Instantly the crowd edges forward and begins bopping along with her. Taking to the occasion brilliantly, Williams brilliantly balances her set between new and old numbers whilst shining consistently with her joyous and infectious stage presence. 

The straight up feel good numbers continue with the likes of 'Cocktails with My Cousin' and 'Boy Oh Boy', whilst what shorter numbers like 'Babe' lacks in length it makes up for in emotional leverage. 

'Let's Just Forget It' and closing track 'Grab Life' see a sense of euphoria fill the venue, with the crowd captivated by Williams' every move, she brings the energy in the room to full flow.

It's difficult to categorise her sound but Jerry Williams excels in a live environment and her superb backing band only enhances an already triumphant set this evening. 

Words Lauren Wade

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