Foxgluvv gleams with sultry grooves and touches of disco on 'Not Cute'

Released just in time for cupid's big day, 'Not Cute' is the latest in punchy electro offerings from Birmingham artist Imogen Davies, better known as Foxgluvv

Self-labelling her sound as 'hungover-pop', Davies seems to have found her stride with laid-back vocals, retro-pop beats and synth-heavy instrumentation.

'Not Cute' is cut from the same cloth as Davies' hazy debut 'Crush' and follow up tune 'Nothing', although the arrangements are slicker this time around with a touch of disco tangible at times. 

As always, the lyrics stand tall amongst the sultry grooves and hit the right spot. "You're not cool enough for me, and I'm not cute enough for you" notes Davies throughout the sub-three minute track. 

'Not Cute' is the perfect addition to Foxgluvv's trio of tunes. Keep an eye out for more music from the artist; her future gleams as bright as the synthpop shimmer contained on her tracks. 

Words Lauren Wade

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