Blossom Caldarone calls out her 'Fickle Friend' in visuals for new track

London-based artist Blossom Caldarone has released the visuals for her new track, 'Fickle Friend', that sees her calling out those kind of capricious friends we all have. 

The new track sees the theme of fleeting friendships and the anxiety surrounding them accompanied by layered vocals and sickly sweet harmonies reminiscent of an early Lily Allen.

Taking place across various living rooms, the woozy video features Caldarone bopping along to the sound alongside her snakey friends. Of the video itself, she says it's "sort of staged and fake, sort of like the people the song is about."

Get together with your fake friends to see Blossom Caldarone at The Ivy House in Peckham on 20th March. 

Words Lauren Wade

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