Watch: Loz Keystone reveals video for debut single 'Livid'

Loz Keystone has revealed the video for his debut single, 'Livid', a slow and contemplative number that will easily worm its way inside your mind. 

Dealing with introspection and elements of moral philosophy, Keystone describes the track as being about: "An internal conversation from someone in their lowest point.

"At that point, the acute sense of failure that you experience reveals to you the things you might treasure about yourself, your values, the things you believe that make you a good person - are no longer represented in the actions you're taking. 

"Instead, you might discover that you've become defined by your vices, things about you that used to be just one side of you but are now wholly out of control." 

'Livid' is set to feature on Keystone's upcoming album, 'To Feel Love'. Keep an ear out for more music from him soon.

Watch the video for 'Livid' below

Words Lauren Wade

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