Yoke Lore works through the 'Goodpain' on new track

Following a packed-out set at this year's The Great Escape, Brooklyn musician Adrian Galvin has released new track 'Goodpain' from his upcoming EP of the same title. 

Speaking to the crowd at the festival, Galvin explained how 'Goodpain' refers to going through difficult periods of time and how those struggles can help you to grow as a human being and better yourself in the long run.

With a heavy focus on vocals and drums, the musician who goes by the moniker Yoke Lore displays a feel-good intensity throughout all of his tunes to date - 'Goodpain' is no exception. 

A truly delectable electro sound from start to finish, the sub-five minute track is stepped in gentle grit and features a wistful melody that won't leave your mind anytime soon. 

Of the new EP Galvin explains its aim is to: "tell stories about how things are bound and held together. I think something's value is in its relationship to everything else. Work in the joints; where things come together." 

Take a listen to 'Goodpain' below

Words Lauren Wade

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