St. Jude The Obscure triumph on 'Ruins'

Photo credit: GloryBox Photography and Creative Imaging
Liverpool electro art-pop duo St. Jude The Obscure are back and sounding bolder than ever on new single 'Ruin'. The duo appear to have got on board with the 80s synth revival trend on the sub-six minute cut that comes across as one of their most stylish tunes to date.

'Ruins' is a dance-able slice of electro pop with shimmering beats and sublime vocals. The high-octane energy featured on the track is testament to the duo's growth, whilst lyrics such as "my heart beats without you" translate as thrilling, raw and triumphant. 

St. Jude The Obscure are a musical outfit that are daring and exploratory and 'Ruins' sees them forge into new and exciting territory - it's a statement that shows undeniable innovation and notable progress. 

Take a listen to 'Ruins' below

Words Lauren Wade

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