The Big Moon's 'Love In The 4th Dimension' is a shining example of a proper all killer, no filler debut album

The Big Moon's highly anticipated debut album, 'Love In The 4th Dimension', arrived last week ahead of plenty of critical praise and grass rooted hype; it certainly didn't disappoint. 

The album kicks off with the re-worked version of one of their earlier releases, 'Sucker', a track that grasps you tight and doesn't let go. The melodic riffs and playful vocals thoroughly exemplify what makes The Big Moon one of the best bands around right now. 

The album continues with a mixture of previously released tracks such as 'Silent Movie Susie', 'Cupid', 'The Road' and 'Formidable' and new tracks only previously heard in their live sets such as the explosive 'Bonfire' and sultry 'Pull the Other One'. Both tracks highlight the creative and irresistible songwriting ability of frontwoman Juliette Jackson. 

'Bonfire' will have you dancing and singing along until the sun comes up, whilst 'Pull the Other One' is the perfect accompanying track to your daily bus journey to work when the dew is hugging the grassy roundabout. 

The new tracks are just as strong as those previously released singles, making the album a shining example of a proper all killer, no filler debut album. As you move through the album each song feels individually brilliant, yet is also complimented by those that came before and after. 

'Silent Movie Susie' is the bouncy and comedic remedy to anyone's pre-first date nerves and 'Cupid' will be there for you on the grin-educing stride of pride. 'Formidable' is one of the best tracks of the last few years, it has a mature and powerful sound that sits proudly as the jewel in the crown of The Big Moon's instant classic.

There really isn't a bad song on the album, you can really hear the passion and energy every member of the band has put into each song and although it is unlikely to reach the same dizzying heights, 'Love In The 4th Dimension' is up there with the likes of Arctic Monkeys' 'Whatever People Say...' in terms of sheer quality. 

This is an album you do not want to pass you by, once it lands into your Spotify or onto your record player it isn't going to leave in a hurry. It is the perfect indie album. 

Words Ewan Atkinson

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