Social Contract share their all-conquering debut anthem 'Citizen'

Like many that have gone before them, some band members experience a chance meeting and form a band out of their mutual interests - Social Contract are the latest formidable outfit to do exactly that. 

The four Londoners originally met online, whilst hunting for roommates and quickly hit it off after bonding over their shared love of all things alternative and indie.

Debut single 'Citizen' is the first taste of what they have to offer the world and it does not disappoint. 90s style scrappy guitars swirl and intertwine from the off whilst hammering vocals crawl under your skin; it's a very appealing formula they've coined on their first release. 

Comparable to JAWS and The Amazons in equal measure, 'Citizen' is an all-conquering anthem that will certainly get people talking. If it's an indicator of what's to come, it's worth keeping an eye on Social Contract.

Take a listen to 'Citizen' below

Words Lauren Wade

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