Premiere: St. Jude the Obscure up the stakes on new track 'Wonders Of Youth'

Electric art-pop duo, St. Jude the Obscure have released their new track 'Wonders of Youth' and it's a real doozie. 

The sub-four minute number flaunts new moves and searing grooves, whilst the rasping vocals of singer Adele Emmas are as spine tingling as ever. 

Steeped in bliss melodies, 'Wonders Of Youth' provides easy-listening and has set their own musical bar impressively high. From the first note you can hear the influence of Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey amongst the building beats of this super-cute uplifting ode. 

The Liverpool duo are set to play at FestEvol Gardens next month and you'd be a fool to miss them if you're stopping by the Merseyside musical extravaganza. 

Keep an eye on St. Jude the Obscure to see how they fare in the future.

Take an exclusive first listen to 'Wonders Of Youth' below:

Words Lauren Wade

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Photo credit: Glorybox Photography and Creative Imaging