Paramore have taken a huge gamble on 'Hard Times'

American rock trio Paramore are back and have drawn a line in the sand with a completely new look and sound. The early pop-punk sound is gone and has been traded for a sadly slightly dated indie sound. 

Lyrically, 'Hard Times' is incredibly simple, with frontwoman Hayley Williams keeping to the emo uniform of the band. There's a chorus that's undoubtedly simplistic too and whilst it's bog standard lyrically, it's delivered in a fun and unique style that just about makes it pay off. 

The huge change in musical direction is also to be noted, returning with a summery sound and almost dancing the previous blues off. The outro of the song sounds as though it could break into some New Order or Gary Numan style frenzy and admittedly it's disappointing to see the band play it safe. 

As a complete package though the new Paramore is warmly welcomed as they have taken a huge gamble. Whilst admittedly they probably couldn't have released an emo anthem at this stage in their career, the risk to go entirely down a new path does pay off for them. 

The song not only has me dancing and enjoying myself but has me eager with anticipation for a new record, which wouldn't have been the case if they've have gone down their usual route. 

Take a listen to 'Hard Times' below

Words Jack Winstanley

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  1. Paramore's back. First thing I did was look for Hayley Williams' new hair colour. :)
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