MUX make all the right noise on debut single 'MDMA'

MUX are a relatively new London trio but they're making all the right noise on the first track from their upcoming debut EP 'Can You See Who?'.

'MDMA' is a hypnotic blend of multiple genres including: electro, punk and stoner rock that results in a menacing thump and a monstrous rumble. 

It's dizzying, it's full of adrenaline and it's also wickedly infectious but be warned - the lyrics will baffle you. 

"'MDMA' isn't just a song, it's an intrusive experience that you really don't want to miss," explains singer Tiziano Pilustri. If you're a fan of The White Stripes and Aphex Twin then MUX are certainly the band for you. 

The debut track from MUX is not one that is made to be dissected - just sit back and turn it up loud. 

MUX will be holding a event at The Lexington in Angel, London to mark the release of their EP on 26 May. 

Take a listen to 'MDMA' below

Words Lauren Wade

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