Little Cub brim with synth-heavy bangers on debut album, 'Still Life'

South London electric trio Little Cub surge with ambition and set a promising tone from the off on their debut album, 'Still Life'. 

Based in Peckham, Dominic Gore, Duncan Tootill and Adrian Acolatase make up the outfit that are set to become your new indie obsession. After building the buzz steadily by drip-feeding material, such as 'My Nature' and 'Loveless', to their rapidly building fanbase - the time has come for them to unleash their first shot at an LP on the world and appears to be a cut above the rest. 

Brimming with synth-heavy bangers, standout single 'Too Much Love' kicks off proceedings and presents a cynical reality. The sharp self-critique they offer up is done so tastefully, there's a real feel-good fluidity and rhythm to Little Cub's slices of electro-indie mania. 

In a similar vein with fuzzy guitar work is 'Breathing Space'. The sub-five minute number is heavy on the synthesised hooks and sparkling melodies and contains intimate lyricism that is sure to take them far.

'Closing Time' is pretty heartwarming stuff too. Delightful and tuneful, the track constantly builds and is laced together by a looped drumbeat. This toe-tapping tune isn't far off from some of Foals' earlier tunes either. 

A string of hits come thick and fast in the form of 'Death of a Football Manager' and 'Hypnotise'. Upbeat and light-hearted, everything gels and there's plenty of youthful energy on both tracks to keep your ears entertained. 

"Nothing in this world should come for free," frontman Dominic Gore muses on the latter track. He's right, of course. All of the best things in life take hard work, dedication and time and sometimes you end up with the complete package of a debut album, just as Little Cub have done on their masterpiece of an initial offering that will have you hitting repeat. 

Words Lauren Wade

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