Clay sound as heavenly as ever on new track 'Saint'

Leeds quartet Clay have dropped their newest track, 'Saint', ahead of their upcoming Live At Leeds performance, and it sees them sounding as heavenly as ever.

The new cut has been a long time in the works and opens with an electronic riff and striking lyricism in the form of: "You only call me when it's half past wine". It's a feeling most people can relate to and one that Clay's enthusiastic and ever-growing fanbase will eat up. 

The remainder of the sub four-minute track is relatively easy-listening and consistently catchy. Distorted vocals are mixed with mechanic drums that results in a futuristic feeling to the tune.

'Saint' sees Clay progress from the straight-up brand of indie they advocated on previous single '6am' and whilst it doesn't signal a complete change in direction for the band, it's refreshing to see them switch it up and take their sound elsewhere - even for the briefest of flings. 

Take a listen to 'Saint' below

Words Lauren Wade

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