Blaenavon's debut album 'That's Your Lot' is a statement of intent that will easily impress

Photo credit: Scott Witt
Everyone's favourite unpronounceable indie band, Blaenavon, are days away from finally releasing their debut album 'That's Your Lot', which actually gives us quite a lot to shout about. 

The Hampshire trio's first statement of intent is one that will easily impress the masses and is achingly thrilling to the core. With plenty of momentum behind them and a sense of spectacle surrounding their every move, there was a lot of hype to live up to and thankfully Blaenavon have delivered.

Album opener 'Take Care' kicks proceedings off with undeniable exuberance and sheer energy, with the memorable lyricism floating through your head on repeat for quite some time after the track has come to a close. 

Tracks like 'Orthodox Man' and 'Let's Pray' hit the formula bang on, both containing gorgeous melodies, radio-friendly moments and untouchable vocal prowess. The former being one of the biggest hook-laden tracks contained on the album with an anthemic call to arms throughout.

Standout offering 'My Bark Is Your Bite' presents a gritty and unmistakably British image with an added dose of high intensity charm. The riff-packed number breaks the mould with gorgeous harmonies and laughs in the face of expectations. 

A darker sensuality practically oozes from 'Alice Come Home', a track that is frenetic from the off and sees tight guitar work flesh it out into a rowdy, riff-tastic beast. 'Lonely Side' delivers a dose of feel-good indie fun with touches of funk lurking beneath the surface. 

The slow, contemplative 'Let Me See What Happens Next' slows the pace down and breathes vital intimacy into the record, just in time for a much-needed break from the endlessly thundering riffs of the tunes that precede it. 

Edging listeners into a sense of familiarity, 'Prague '99' sticks to Blaenavon's trademark winning formula and dirties you with its charm, whilst 'Ode To Joe' translates as a delightfully lush ballad designed for after-dark. With eye-stingingly tender moments at the forefront, it is one for the Hampshire trio to pride themselves on. 

Older cut 'I Will Be The World' is sharp and emotive from the off and adds additional polish to an already gleaming debut. 'That's Your Lot' is not a record completely free of anyone else's fingerprints - strip back a layer and you can hear the influences of The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club (but it's not a bad thing). 

Blaenavon have crafted a stunning album that fully plays to their strengths and will unquestionably propel them to further success and heighten their standing. Paired with their upcoming shows, it's sure to ignite adoration on a whole new scale. Make way for Blaenavon - their time has come at last. 

Words Lauren Wade

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