We need to talk about Maggie Rogers

Maryland singer-songwriter, Maggie Rogers' star has risen faster than anyone could have predicted and now everyone's going gaga over her.

Whilst studying at NYU, Rogers found herself playing her debut track 'Alaska' to nobody other than Pharrell Williams who compared the song to a "drug" for its skilful music fusion.

The video of her performance went viral and now she has over two million fans latching onto her every last note - not a bad position to be in, right? 

Speaking to NME in January, Rogers said: "I still don't really know what I sound like. I'm 22. I'm very much still figuring it out. But in terms of my voice, I'm very clear about who I am as a person and what I think."

She may still be discovering her sound but it's clear that her millions of fans are happy enough to join her on the journey.

Rogers has previously said that: "Anyone with a good idea can come in and change the entire industry" but it takes someone quite special to do it as fast as she has. 

Williams noted these exact qualities in Rogers too, as he watched her perform for the first time, you can see how his jaw loosens and his lips part in shock at her utter brilliance before exclaiming a simple "wow". 

Speaking to DIY magazine, Rogers expressed her excitement at her stupidly bright future: "I'm not really sure how I tripped and fell into this alternate universe, but I've been given the opportunity to create a world for myself where I get to make music for the rest of my life, and that's the only thing I've ever wanted."

It's clear that whatever her next moves may be, Maggie Rogers will have a legion of fans backing her and pestering everyone they know to listen to her. You should too. 

Listen to 'Alaska' below

Words Lauren Wade

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