Take 'Terrible Human Beings' as a sign The Orwells have hit their prime

The Orwells have dropped another album just in time for spring, and - once again - it's an absolute gem. 

The Chicago boys pick up from where they left off in 2014's 'Disgraceland' with their distinct blend of nonchalant riffs and hedonistic lyrics, proving they're still very much at the forefront of America's garage punk renaissance. 

'Fry' is a clashing rocket of a song, which translates even better on the stage, mirroring the echo-ey nature of early single 'In My Bed' and ending with a breakdown that - to any other band - would signal another verse; playfully subverting the expectations of seasoned punk rock listeners. 

'Creatures' hits all the right spots with Mario's blasé vocals matching the carefree environment of distortion, whilst Buddy clocks in at under two minutes and captures a band at their most relaxed; confident yet provocative, they rip through the seconds with barely concealed glee.

The singles sound finer than ever when bookended among album exclusive material: 'Double Feature' snakes around its elongated running time with palindromic charm whilst 'Black Francis' is both focused and forceful, exhibiting every sign of a band hitting their prime. 

'Terrible Human Beings' is the culmination of years on the road and months locked in the studio; the perfect alignment of the live and the recorded.

Words Glenn Houlihan

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