More edge and ambition on Circa Waves' second album 'Different Creatures'

Circa Waves are reliably brilliant and that's exactly the case on their second album 'Different Creatures'. A tale of transition, the follow-up to their 2015 debut 'Young Chasers' sees the four-piece swap their existing skill set in favour of something with a little more edge and ambition.  

'Young Chasers' was the perfect introduction for them at the time, however the Liverpudlians have expanded since the early days and their music has matured with them. Cue 'Different Creatures' opening track 'Wake Up' - the first offering fans were dealt from Circa Waves 2.0. 

On 'Fire That Burns' gone is the fizzing indie-pop and what stands is something with more power and ambition. Frontman, Kieran Shudall has spoken in interviews about wanting to make music with more meaning and 'Different Creatures' sees him do just that. 

Elsewhere, the album takes on a sombre tone and tackles real issues, such as male anxiety and depression on 'Out On My Own' based on real-life instances as observed in his friends. It's admirable, heartfelt and again exemplifies just how much Circa Waves have grown in two short years.

The highlight of the entire record comes in the form of 'Stuck', which is the closest the band come to their former debut album selves but here you see them go one better. It's a mammoth anthem for the ages if we ever did hear one. 

Ultimately, 'Different Creatures' is an album that woos listeners without ever really trying; it's an absolute triumph from start to finish and Circa Waves' status will certainly benefit from the intoxicating rock cocktail of their second album. 

Circa Waves have raised the bar even higher than what they set on 'Young Chasers'. 'Different Creatures' is a record tailored for festival crowds to chant back at them and fans will no doubt dig their markedly heavier sound either. A stylish 10/10 effort overall. 

Take a listen to 'Wake Up' below

Words Lauren Wade

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