Introducing: Claudia Kate - You heard her here first...

Cambridge based singer-songwriter Claudia Kate has not yet turned 18, but nevertheless is making lasting impressions to those who attend her performances. 

Claudia's debut EP, 'The Streetlight', was released nearly a year ago and since Claudia has taken part in various local competitions, exciting gigs and received endless high praise from industry professionals. 

Describing herself as a folk-pop artist, Claudia is looking forward to beginning her studies at Guildford's prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music later this year, where she hopes to spend time recording her second EP and challenge herself by experimenting with different musical styles and genres.

Vocally, think the guts of Kelly Clarkson blended with the youthful purity of fellow self-starter Tori Kelly. Claudia Kate accompanies herself with a variation of both piano and self-taught guitar, a proficiency which grows evident upon listening through the EP. 

'The Streetlight' EP consists of a compilation of stripped-back, raw material varying from impassioned melancholy - Claudia's expertise with trickling minor piano melodies and gutsy vocal intensity stamps 'The Boy Cried Wolf' - and honeyed innocence, with 'Love Her's' gorgeous picked guitar and candid vocals. 

Listen to Claudia Kate's debut EP, 'The Streetlight', below:

Words Alice Mortimer

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