'EP Three' is a timely reminder of The Magic Gang's terrific nature

Brighton quartet The Magic Gang have delivered their strongest statement to date on 'EP Three', released via Felix White of The Maccabees' label Yala Records

After drip-feeding fans two frenzied and energetic EP's previously, their third release serves as a melodically adventurous experiment whilst retaining the vintage charm that won a gaggle of fans over in the first place.

'Hotel Apathy' is a throbbing, dreamy cut that has quite clearly been crafted with exuberance and ease. Powered by riffs that remind you why you fell for the band so hard the first time, the EP's opening number is a sharp and emotive assault on the senses that will have you hitting repeat in seconds. 

Lead single 'How Can I Compete' ups the pace and is built upon gripping melodies and big, jubilant choruses. Destined to be chanted back at them at future shows, tracks like these are their making. 

'No One Else' is nothing dramatically different but the heart-stopping beauty of a tune still manages to hit all the right notes. Closing number 'Life Without You' sees the pace slowed considerably down once more as they tunefully depart.

Combining honeyed harmonies and simplistic instrumentation, the track presents a different side to the gang of melody makers and they come off sounding all the better for revealing it to us. 

Shamelessly retro from the off, 'EP Three' is a timely reminder of The Magic Gang's terrific nature and one that will see them head determinedly in the direction of the big time. 

Take a listen to 'EP Three' below

Words Lauren Wade

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