Boy oh boy, Jerry Williams is one to watch

She's only 21 years old, but boy oh boy Jerry Williams is insanely good. 

The native Portsmouth indie singer-songwriter has over five million streams on Spotify and there's no stopping her rise. 

Taking inspiration from all aspects of her everyday life, Williams' music is characterised by catchy beats and thrilling vocals and if you're looking for maximal euphoria, look no further than her songs 'Mother' and 'Let's Just Forget It'.

The south coast songwriter's ascent has not been an overnight one but her achievements are certainly starting to stack up. Williams played at BST Hyde Park in 2016 and is set to play this year's The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. 

If you're not familiar with Jerry Williams now's the time to get acquainted - you're going to be hearing a lot more of her soon. 

Take a listen to 'Mother' below

Jerry Williams will play:
London, The Waiting Room (Mar 28)

Words Lauren Wade

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  1. Right when I needed a new artist to listen to, I just start mainlining all her songs at once :D
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