Ariana and the Rose go beyond pop on 'Retrograde' EP

"I'll be here for a while" wavers native New Yorker Ariana on opener 'How Does That Make You Feel'; judging by the glistening quality on this EP, I'm more than confident she will be. 

Spacey synth progressions and steady clapping beats back a bewitching vocal delivery, which places Ariana and the Rose straight up there with more established dance-pop artists, such as that of Tove Lo and Robyn. Already this is a confident, third-record type proficiency on a debut EP.

Collaborative release 'Love You Lately' with LA duo RKCB is slick mastery, preserving a classic era R&B authority with its pulsating beats and looping moonlight synths. 

Heartfelt hook "I guess I just don't love you lately" dominates an eloquent duet capturing the fizzling out of a failing relationship, but this poignancy doesn't let it lose its banger potential.

It's third cut, 'These Ruins' that demonstrates Ariana's impressive sonic versatility. Crawling piano melodies and spiralling vocal arpeggios add a mysticality to the singer's strong, honeyed tone to produce a gracefulness that's unmistakably complementary to that of Lana Del Rey.

There's continuous use of electronics throughout the EP but here they are gloriously understated. Dark and atmospheric, the track builds into crashing drums, impassioned crescendos and a vocal intensity a la Florence Welch. The London-based American cultivates clear influences from both sides of the pond. 

Channelling 'cool girl' Charli XCX, 'Supercool' boasts a hearty portion of synth with an eighties club vibe of edgy electronic beats, making this categorically festival-ready pop. 

Referencing the names of so many powerful industry women does not mean to say that she's in any way a copy. Ariana produces much more than just a pop EP, capturing the spirit of so many musical qualities whilst managing to remain completely herself. 

Ariana and the Rose is nothing short of a stunning pop talent offering a quartet of individualised tracks ready for radio. 

Take a listen to 'Retrograde' below

Words Alice Mortimer

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