New Noise: Dead Pretties tackle politics and social issues on debut single 'Social Experiment'

Photo credit: Holly Whitaker
Dead Pretties are like nothing you've seen before. 

Hailing from London, the trio are on a swift rise thanks to their magnetic and equally unpredictable live shows.

Having supported Drenge and The Orwells previously, the band know what it takes to grace a stage successfully - the number of new fans they're winning over speaks for its self. 

If you haven't had the chance to become acquainted with Dead Pretties yet, let their debut single 'Social Experiment' introduce you to their world. 

Many new bands are engaging with political and social issues that face the youth of today and their first single sees them do just this. 

The sharp social commentary on 'Social Experiment' comes thick and fast in the form of lyrics 'All the boys and girls went to parties in disguise', suggesting that people are compromising their identities to fit in with their peers. 

Musicians raising awareness of politics and social issues is exactly what we need more of and by the looks of it, Dead Pretties are in for a dead exciting future. 

Take a listen to the track below.

Words Lauren Wade

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