Marika Hackman doesn't need you to be her 'Boyfriend'

There are so many songs named 'Boyfriend' that are just completely brilliant and Marika Hackman's latest single is no exception.

The singer, who has just been signed to AMF Records, is on her way to sure-fire success with this latest cut that sees her sounding sharper and more polished than ever.

With North London pals The Big Moon serving as her backing band, Hackman carves out a new direction for herself, proving these times they certainly are a changin'. 

'Boyfriend' displays some of the singer's most biting and relatable lyricism to date, with Hackman saying: "'Boyfriend' is payback for all those times I've been interrupted mid-song by some seedy wanker asking to join in..."

In essence this track screams not to mess with Marika; she doesn't put up with your shit anymore and she certainly doesn't need you to be her boyfriend. 

Tune in now and hear the goodness for yourself.

'Boyfriend' is out 31st March via AMF Records.

Words Lauren Wade

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