Listen to Middle Kids' essential self-titled EP

When we first heard of Middle Kids it was 2016 and they had just released their mind-altering debut single 'Edge of Town'.

Fast forward a few months and the Sydney trio have stepped it up a gear and have now released their essential self-titled EP. 

Now signed to Domino Records, their EP reaches soaring emotional highs and tracks such as, 'Your Love' and 'Old River' really take your breath away. 

Vocalist, Hannah Joy is incredibly talented and is an integral part of what makes Middle Kids gel so firmly. 

They've even attracted a number of famous fans along the way, including the super-famous Elton John, but the band have little time for celebrity status; keeping it real is what they're all about.

The stand-out track of the EP comes in the form of 'Never Start', a catchy, flashy pop number that will no doubt convert even more listeners onto their side. 

Take a listen to Middle Kids' EP below. 

Middle Kids will play at The Great Escape in Brighton this May.

Words Lauren Wade

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