EPs of the Year 2016

2016 has been filled with plenty of political unrest, celebrity deaths and a whole host of bad decisions, but the one constant has been the significant amount of decent tunes made and new bands discovered. In no particular order, we give our two cents on the best EP's to land in our laps this year.

Estrons - She's Here Now

Welsh newcomers, Estrons have released a steady stream of singles this year, but it was their November EP that truly saw them stand apart from the rest. 

'She's Here Now' saw the female-fronted group deliver biting lyricism throughout 'I'm Not Your Girl. Front woman, Tali spoke of the track saying: "It's a big song about insecurities and that cesspool of crap surrounding teenage emotions that still exist in your 20s and 30s."

The four-piece stand in good stead for 2017 and look set to continue the fury that propelled them throughout 2016.

The Magic Gang - The Second EP From

These Brighton babes have charmed their way to the top with their brand of throwback 50s-tinged doo wop. Their second EP was fronted by the smash single 'All This Way' and saw them bank another four slices of gold in their discography. 

There's whispers of an LP on the cards in 2017 but fans would be more than satisfied with another EP if it was anything like their last. 

Flume - Skin Companion EP l

By the time Aussie DJ Flume dropped the 'Skin Companion EP l' at the end of November, fans had long been hyping up the release. Were they disappointed? No. 

The EP picked up where Flume (aka Harley Edward Streten) left on his latest LP 'Skin'. The four-track release was only available on 12-inch vinyl and fans could only get their hands on a copy from independent record stores, adding to the appeal of offcuts. 

'Heater' was undoubtedly the standout track with high-energy, flashy beats and an absence of vocals. It was slick, stylish and subtle enough to work its way up as a contender for track of the year amongst many dance/electro fans. 

Look out for more sure-fire hits as Flume has expressed an interest in releasing more 'Skin' companion EPs in 2017. 

The Big Moon - The Road

It's been an exciting whirlwind of a year for North London's The Big Moon. Juliette, Fern, Soph and Celia who make up the four-piece have gigged relentlessly and built up a pretty impressive following in the procedure. 

They've toured with cult-indie British band, Mystery Jets this year, but it was their January EP release titled 'The Road' that saw them really come into their own. 

Tracks such as 'Sucker' and 'Eureka Moment' are packed with punch and promise. The foursome are now poised to hit the big time in 2017 with the release of their debut album 'Love In The 4th Dimension' which will undoubtedly continue to impress. 

Black Honey - Headspin

Brighton newcomers, Black Honey have proved themselves to be a thrilling addition to the new music scene. Their April EP release 'Headspin' is a unique collection of tracks that was released in a barn in Normandy over the course of a fortnight. 

Frontwoman, Izzy Phillips demands attention and serves as this generation's answer to Debbie Harry. Phillips and her bandmates are amongst the finest of female-fronted bands to grace 2016 and the title-track proves exactly why. 

With heavy rock elements at work, the four-track EP is full-bodies and energetic. 'All My Pride' was originally released as a stand-alone single but now serves as the EP's clincher. 

Words Lauren Wade

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