Warpaint 'New Song'

'New Song', new direction for Warpaint. Gone is the ethereal, atmospheric guile of their eponymous second album. 'New Song' exchanges subtlety for simplicity with its radio friendly bassline and meandering vocals, summarised with its one-track chorus: "You're a new song, you're a new song baby, you're a new song to me", which sounds more Kylie Minogue with each listen. 

It isn't all bad. There are touches of 'Disco/Very' to the production and proactively preventing stagnation must be admired. Lambasting imagination is a Conservative's game, and across an album this unfamiliar style could surprise and entice. But it's still hard to believe this is the band who gave us 'Shadows' and 'Love Is To Die'. 

Words Glenn Houlihan


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