Tove Lo 'Cool Girl'

The "saddest girl in Sweden" known by most for her distinctive and eerie vocals on 'Stay High' is back, with her latest single 'Cool Girl' being the first offering from her album 'Lady Wood', due to be released in October. 

The indie electro pop song celebrates casual relationships that are free of any labels, making the track a potential anthem of millennial relationships. Despite the cringe-worthy title of 'Cool Girl', which concocts images of a mass produced girl group, admittedly it is refreshing to hear a young girl celebrating the joys of being a free individual. 

However, personally, the merit of this is negated by the refrain of "I'm a cool girl". If the line is intended ironically, it has failed, and instead Tove Lo comes across as trying too hard. 

Her persona seems irksome and contrived - one can imagine her citing 'Tumblr girls' as a style influence, nostalgically lusting after the 90s, and rolling her eyes at the pop scene that she is no doubt part of, with the media's comparison with the troubled Janis Joplin fulfilling the aim of her 'cool girl' persona. 

All in all, the track is hardly groundbreaking or even particularly memorable. However its pounding beat and fun lyrics thwart her melancholy media persona, suggesting that future releases by Tove Lo may shake up and inject a dose of indie into mainstream club playlists."

Words Sophie Clark


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