In Conversation With: Habitats

We spoke to  talented Hampshire indie/tropical-groove four-piece Habitats about everything from festival season to their upcoming headline show at Brighton's Green Door Store. 

First up, how's festival season been for you so far? Any highlights?

It's been great! We've played a few this year, they've all been great. 110 Above was special, it's a very small, very cool little festival...but all of them honestly, we're really looking forward to our last one of the year, which is at Festival Number 6 this weekend. 

How did you all get into playing music?

We all got into it at different times, I guess just because we loved our heroes and wanted to be like them. We just want to get people's juices flowing, ya know?

How would you describe your music for people who haven't heard of you before?

It's like sipping on a zesty cocktail on a warm summer's day, whilst watching Richard Branson, as he slowly waters your garden provocatively, get stung on the nipple by a bee.

Has anyone given you any words of wisdom that's helped you as a band?

Just have fun, enjoy every moment.

Your EP 'Jungles' was a success, how do you plan to follow it up?

Hopefully we will be releasing more music soon. Maybe another single, then eP to follow, so hold tight. But we will always want to improve on the last one and any EP we write. It will have more spice and finesse... yeah let's roll with that. 

Will you be heading back to the studio anytime soon?

We are demoing in our friends' bedroom at the moment, hopefully we should be going back into the studio after September - but we are not sure where that may be.

Are you looking forward to playing Green Door Store with Lion Bark in September?

This is a venue that we've always wanted to play! We've played at the Hope and Ruin a couple of times and it's been great, we can't wait for this one!

Are there any new bands you've got your eye on at the moment?

Palm Honey are a cool bunch of dudes. Fabrics are also a fresh local band from our hometown. 

What are you looking forward to achieving throughout the rest of 2016?

We've got our headline show of the year in September (29th) at the Borderline, London. We want that one to be a big one, so come down, bring your friends, their friends and their friends' friends. We also want to keep writing and having as much fun as we can!

Words Lauren Wade

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