Get To Know: Lion Bark

Photo credit: Ben Pender
We first raved about Brighton band Lion Bark in 2013 and we can't get enough of their sound. Things went a bit quiet for foursome and there was a distinct lack of their self described 'Beach Beats' but they've returned to their former glory and they are absolutely smashing it at the moment. 

There's so many incredible sounds coming from Brighton but Lion Bark are something else. Sweet, wistful melodies are integral to their sound and there's definitely no gimmicks. Their brand of warm, dreamy indie is best showcased on tracks such as 'You and Me' complete with slick and soothing vocals. If you fancy a blissful sway, then you've come to the right place. 

Older tracks such as 'Longhorns' and 'Two Prongs' possess an indie charm at the core, thus proving that Lion Bark are certainly on to something, it's just a matter of honing their sound even further than they already have done.

To their credit though, the band have been touring relentlessly with gigs at Shoreditch's The Old Blue Last and Brighton's The Green Door Store to name a few. If you missed out they've got plenty of upcoming dates in the diary, so make sure to head down to a show and catch them. 

Lion Bark could have an exciting future ahead of them if their previous releases are anything to go by. Keep an eye (and an ear) out for a new EP soon. 

Words Lauren Wade

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