Get To Know: Del Florida

Liverpool quartet Del Florida are showing us all what's good up north and they're also bringing back 90s R&B vibes in the process. The band are fronted by singer/songwriter, Leela Dawson and have been touring the gig circuit relentlessly in their quest for recognition. 

Debut single 'Superior' is a strong initial offering that has quickly seen the band garner attention and a loyal following. On the track soulful and lush vocals are backed by an R&B tinged bassline, all of which elevating the track. 

Clocking in somewhere around the three minute mark, the rhythmic beats of Del Florida will soothe you into a dream like state and encourage you to press play all over again, something that their tune 'In Sleep' certainly succeeds at. With a new track pencilled for a release shortly, Del Florida are certainly a band to keep a close eye on, as everything they do sends them skywards. 

Words Lauren Wade