In Conversation With Mystery Jets

WE caught up with the much-loved British indie band Mystery Jets to have a chat about the indisputable brilliance of their latest album 'Curve Of The Earth', as well as their thoughts on Brighton and what they've got lined up for the rest of the year.

How was your experience at The Great Escape this year?

It was fantastic, it's always a pleasure playing in Brighton. Brighton's a very buzzy town in its own right and so when The Great Escape descends the town is totally reeling with sounds and sights. 

Did you discover any new artists that you're now fans of?

I saw Johnny Lloyd play, who I've always been a huge fan of and also Strong Asian Mothers, who blew me away. 

Are you enjoying playing new material from your latest album 'Curve Of The Earth' at shows?

Yeah absolutely. It was quite challenging at first because the arrangements are quite dense but we're just starting to unlock the songs now and I think it's working really well on stage. Seeing certain members of the audience singing the words back at us is very encouraging and affirming, it's possibly the greatest perk to being a musician. 

Do you have a favourite track to play live?

'Blood red Balloon' is a new song that's on our album and it's a personal favourite of mine to play live. It has many peaks and troughs and requires us to be very unified in our playing. I'm never sure how well we can pull it off and so the risk element that's involved is one I like.

How do gigs in Brighton compare to other cities?

Brighton's a great town to play, it's a party town. It's also a very musical town and because of its many record shops and markets you can trust that the people in the crowd will have an educated ear...that's always good to play too.

Do you think evening slots at festivals attract a different audience to early afternoon slots? Does it affect the crowd's mentality or energy in any way?

Yeah I think they do. If you're on in the evening at a festival then there's a kind of responsibility that comes with that, you're there to wrap up the event and send people home feeling happy and with something to remember. I think an afternoon slot at a festival would probably attract people who are curious about an act or undecided about them.

Do you have any pre gig rituals?

Not really, there's no blood transfusions around here?

What are you looking forward to achieving throughout the rest of 2016?

A flawless run of crowd surfs.

Can we expect anymore releases from you soon?

My lips are sealed.

Words Lauren Wade

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