Fickle Friends 'Cry Baby'

Brighton five-piece Fickle Friends are back at it again with their latest track 'Cry Baby'. The female-fronted group are currently Stateside working on their eagerly-anticipated debut album but they've unveiled a little something to keep us hooked until such time said album is released. 

The band are well on their way to stardom and their newest cut is one that recalls the 80s with shimmering synths, gigantic hooks and scattered hooks throughout. The sub-four minute number excites immediately and exists in a similar vein to previous hits such as 'Swim' and 'Could Be Wrong'. 

Everything Fickle Friends put out is ridiculously catchy from the off and they've certainly come on leaps and bounds in the last year. Just six months ago, the band were stuck without a manager and feeling like they'd never make the progress to where they currently are, but a re-release of the epically infectious 'Swim' saw them reach a new high. 

Now, they're putting in the hard work and reaping the rewards. The five-piece ignite an enthusiasm that blazes fully and their live energy is as unrelenting as it comes. Fickle Friends are nothing short of magic and all it takes is one listen to 'Cry Baby' to see why their music is such an effortless draw. 

Words Lauren Wade

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