Two Door Cinema Club 'Are We Ready (Wreck)'

WITH the announcement of their upcoming third album 'Gameshow' also came the release of a new single to tide fans over for a little big longer. 'Are We Ready (Wreck) unveiled a brand new funked up sound that sounds sleeker than ever.

The first track from the band's third album cites Prince, David Bowie and Kanye West as inspirations. Frontman, Alex Trimble says of the tune: "While I was writing this single I discovered the term weltschmertz, the German word for being at odds with the world around you. The fact that it was a fully coined term and related to so many people that have existed and do exist made me feel like it was okay to not exist on the same level as everyone else, it was okay to be comfortable doing your own thing. 'Are We Ready (Wreck)' was me... not attacking the world around me but outlining why I don't really get it and why I don't fit in with it."

"We're not embracing the pop that's going on now in a melodic or structural sense. Two biggest influences for me were Prince and Bowie - both total pioneers who straddled that line between out-there pop and avant-garde craziness." 

Trimble's sense of frustration is evident on the track that expands the blueprint laid down on the band's previous albums. 'Are We Ready (Wreck) is another string added to their already brimming bow. Eat it up because Two Door Cinema Club are back with an updated sound and what's next is bound to be just as accomplished as this first effort. 

Words Lauren Wade

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