Spring King 'Tell Me If You Like To'

MANCHESTER indie DIY upstarts, Spring King are a clattering band of misfits who play with such a force that has taken the industry by storm and set them in a sonic direction. Their 2015 release 'City' was championed by Zane Lowe as the first track to be played on his Beats 1 show and the band have never looked back. 

Since then momentum has continued to increase for the four-piece with numerous packed out tours in intimate UK venues and major slots at festivals on a global scale, Spring King hit all the right notes with their tectonic urgency and their debut album 'Tell Me If You Like To' sees them truly finding their stride and sticking to it. 

Previous hit 'City' kickstarts proceedings on the album that could easily be likened to a full-bodied beast of grungy hook-filled tracks rattling along at breakneck speed. The collection continues on to the ever so catchy 'Detroit' which finds them operating as the supremely confident and self-assured as ever. It's an impressive feat for a band so young in age but they pull it off time and time again. 

Spring King are a band who seem to be able to write a whole clutch of consistently brilliant songs at will and this album is testament to their credibility. Look no further than the infectiously hook driven 'It's So Dark' with a circling chorus and toe-tapping beat that will have you humming it away all day. 'Demons' is an indie triumph of a track with its anthemic verses throughout that will no doubt go down a treat with the crowds on their upcoming festival and autumn tour dates. Their work ticks so many boxes it's hard to count all of the reasons why we love them so much and major tunes such as 'Rectifier' and 'The Summer' provides more and more reasons to fall in love with them (if you haven't already). 

Spring King's eagerly awaited debut full-length is a masterpiece you'll want to leave on repeat for as long as possible. Their youthful, and at times restless energy, is a record they needed to get out of their system and we're so glad they did. Expect to hear their hits chanted in unison over the coming months, if they continue as they are, they're in for a promising future with their brand of all-embracing anthems. 

Words Lauren Wade

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