Interview: The Big Moon @ Bushstock Festival

WE caught up with The Big Moon before their stellar set at Sheppy B's Bushstock Festival to talk all things festival, friends in bands and even drinking water that was once Michael Jackson's wee...

Are you looking forward to playing your set later?

Yeah definitely, I'm also really glad that we've got this covering as the skies are looking pretty threatening and there are these handy umbrellas, so maybe we could just take them, unhook them and hand them out to people. Hopefully, they'll use them afterwards if it rains, we don't want them to go in a skip. 

You've been touring a lot recently and we caught you play at The Great Escape, how were those performances?

They were awesome, The Great Escape was amazing! We played a show in the middle of the day at like 12pm, which felt more like a brunch matinee kind of show. We played before Mystery Jets in the evening as well. That was so sick and we're really looking forward to going on tour with them in October. Our shows were our first ever headline tour and it was really cool to see who showed up, especially when it's just your name on the ticket. 

Did you find the crowd for your show at Komedia any different to the one a few hours later at The Corn Exchange?

Yeah most of them were drunk in the evening and the show at Komedia was at 12pm. Everyone was probably having their first pint of the day at that gig. The evening was incredible, there were people on shoulders. I saw someone flash Mystery Jets, it was wild. 

Are there any artists performing at Bushstock that you'd recommend seeing?

Shura! She's playing after us, oh and VANT. There's loads of cool bands here.

Can you name your main sources of inspiration?

Beer, each other, love, pizza, space, friends in bands, friends in other bands, tents, the moon...lots of things! 

You played a gig at The 100 Club recently, what made it special?

For us that was the biggest headline show we'd ever done. That in itself was so exciting and the fact that it sold out. With The 100 Club there's so much history as well. It's so cool because the Sex Pistols played there and Jimi Hendrix. We played in the same place as Jimi Hendrix. 

Sometimes I think how weird it is that all the glasses of water you drink in your life have probably got molecules in them that were swallowed by Michael Jackson or someone because there's only so much stuff on the planet. Michael Jackson must have once done a wee and I must have drunk some water that was once some of his wee that's turned back into water.

Are you looking forward to playing Scala in a few months?

YES! Oh my God! My dream was always to support a band there, so when I found out we were playing there I was like 'we just skipped my dream!' Obviously this dream is better, I just needed to adjust for a second. It's one of those venues that we've always wanted to play. 

The Magic Gang are playing there too.

We saw them support Spring King there and they played like headliners, they always play like headliners, and then the next day they announced their own headline gig there.

Are there any new bands you'd recommend?

Abattoir Blues - they're so good. Truck Fest tweeted after seeing them play at The Great Escape, saying 'Oh Abattoir Blues really killed it!' and the band tweeted them back saying 'Great, book us then' and now they've been booked. It pays to be cheeky and hustle a bit. 

There's another band called Breathe Panel who played with us. They're playing Southsea Fest in Portsmouth, you should check them out they're really good.

Did you enjoy making your latest single 'Cupid'?

Yeah, we were so excited for that to be a single for so long, ever since we first played it in fact. 

Once festival season is over will you be heading back to the studio?

Hopefully we will have recorded at least half of an album by then, if not all of it and then it will be ready to go. We've been in the studio recently so there's more to come. It's all sounding really massive. 

Words Lauren Wade

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