Howland 'Callout'

SOUTH coast four-piece Howland's debut single 'Callout' has been a long time in the making but what a worthy wait it's been. The band, fronted by Tyler Adams, have been racking up a series of impressive gigs down South and spreading their name around, which looks as if it's finally paying off. If you're not yet familiar with them, now's the time to get acquainted as they're going to continue to impress. 

 The group have previously supported the likes of Little Comets, Fickle Friends, Clean Cut Kid and Lisbon and debut release 'Callout' tears along at whirlwind speeds with Circa Waves inspired guitars from lead guitarist, Lee Vincent. The track is one that showcases the strength of songwriting craft within the band. It's terribly infectious and Adams delivers his best vocal performance to date as he sings 'Can you hear my voice?' which you'll no doubt find yourself singing along to. 

It's almost impossible to turn away from the captivating lyrics and trance-inducing opening chords. Abrasive energy remains at the forefront of the sub-four minute cut and Howland's brand of music is shaping up be an unforgettable storm of endless possibility if 'Callout' is anything to go by. 

There's no doubts that they have enough edge to crack the critics and continue to win over new fans - everything they craft is built with the foundations of potential and pure magic - a combination that sends them soaring time and time again. 

'Callout/Slow Down' is available on 1st April. 

Words Lauren Wade

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