Photo by Steve Gullick
HAILING from Hampshire, the trio who take their name from the small Welsh town claim that "Blaenavon is where the heart is, baby" and who are we to disagree with them? 

With a record deal with Transgressive Records already in the bag, you'd be forgiven for thinking the band were a lot further into their career than they actually are. Blaenavon wear their influences on their sleeves and ace it in the process. 

Energetic and undeniably addictive are two words that spring to mind when thinking of Blaenavon. 'Hell Is My Head' is a sub-four minute track jam-packed with memorable riffs that sizzle infectiously. 'Destiny's Mild' is the bee's knees if you will, the stunning centrepin of their latest EP that contains contagious hooks that will remind you of Peace at times. 

The slower-paced nature of 'Dragon' works in soft and sensual guitars before kicking things up a notch halfway through the track. The final crescendo of the EP is the sweetest the band have sounded to date. 

Blaenavon are a band who act as an effortless example of a band working together tightly as a musical unit of expression and we can't wait to hear fresh material from them soon. Their next step is set to be incredible. 

Words Lauren Wade

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