WORTHING trio, Imbium are the latest addition to the wave of talent produced by the South Coast, who are blowing our minds and doing a lot of things right. The indie rockers who describe their sound as 'fucked up pop and roll' released the first of three EP's in 2015, which was titled 'Part One: The Radioactive Club'. 

Key tracks like 'Backseat Bingo' impress easily with overblown riffs that spin out hard and fast, alongside polished vocals that see them sounding huge. They're not afraid of an epic chorus either. It's a tune that energises and evokes something from inside you, whilst seeing the band playing with precision and power. 

Other tracks such as 'Headspace' and 'Ghecko the Miff Funk' are equally as delectable and yield prolific results but it's the hooky guitar riffs on 'Green Eyed' that comes across as a biting hit. 

Imbium display a vaulting sense of ambition in everything they do and fighting to stay relevant is not a battle they're ever likely to have to face. They're steeped in guitar based thrills and the way in which they're drip-feeding fans with new material is admirable and certainly keeps us hooked. Imbium are bone-shakingly exciting and we can't wait to hear more material soon. 

Words Lauren Wade

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