SHEFFIELD five-piece Sheafs are cut from the same cloth as a young Arctic Monkeys circa 2005 and people are starting to take notice of their distinct and alluring sound.

The band have already notched up a series of gigs up north in Sheffield and Derby and their debut track 'Anticipation, No Consolation' is as hooky as they come with riffs matching circling drums beat for beat. The group also give us something to shout about with their sub-three minute track 'When Their Backs Are Turned', an insanely hummable tune with catchy lyrics that sounds like it wouldn't be out of place on Arctic Monkeys' early compilation  'Beneath The Boardwalk'. 

It'll be interesting to see what SHEAFS have in store for 2016, since it's hard to shake the feeling that they're on to something remarkable with the tracks that have already asserted their hit potential. They deserve to have a big year if their existing material is anything to go by. 

Words Lauren Wade

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