LIVE REVIEW // Jaws and Nai Harvest @ The Hope and Ruin 08.12.15

B-TOWN three-piece Jaws are one of those rare bands that manage to unite fans with every gig they play and their set at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton was no exception. Along with the likes of Peace and Swim Deep, Jaws made Birmingham's music scene exciting again and from the sound of the tracks they played in their set, it's not hard to see why.

Support came from Sheffield's Nai Harvest, a punk-rock duo who performed indisputable bangers such as 'Melanie' and 'Ocean of Madness' to the eager crowd. Their sound can ultimately be described as a ballsy riff and drum combination and it certainly thrills but that's not difficult when you've got a sound like this. 

Shortly after, Jaws took to the stage and dived head first into 'What We Haven't Got Yet', the first single from their new record. The track is lush to its core and features shimmering melodies and a catchy chorus that immediately got the crowd to its feet bopping and dancing around. 

The dreamy slow-building sound of 'Stay In' followed and with it came unwavering brilliance and infectious vocals from frontman Connor Schofield. Older track 'Breeze' also featured in the impressive setlist and at this point everyone was singing the words back to the band. 

A few new cuts were also performed and they maintained their summery, feel-good sound throughout. It is also remarkable that for a band who conjure maximum intensity in their set, they have been branded as 'lazy' by NME in recent years, which seems absurd as they're actually one of the hardest working bands around. 

The intimate feel of the venue worked well for Jaws' sound, especially on tracks such as 'Be Slowly' and 'Gold' which they finished with to rapturous applause. It's obvious the band enjoy playing together and it's the fun-factor that flows through the line-up that makes their live show so enjoyable to be a part of. 

They worked from the ground up to get where they are today and speaking to members of the band after the gig provided a fresh insight into the path that they will inevitably follow. One band member commented that gig-goers don't usually recognise him until after they've finished their set but it's likely that this will change and people will be mobbing them all before and after they've played. 

We also asked guitarist Alex Hudson whether the band will be playing any festivals next summer. His reply: 'Nothing's been booked yet but hopefully we will." 

Jaws are on an upward spiral and nobody left their gig at The Hope and Ruin disappointed. We can't wait to see where their sonic sound will take them next. Be sure to catch them live soon. They're a band certainly not to be missed.

Words Lauren Wade

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