CARDIFF'S Estrons are a female-fronted four-piece that hit all the right notes with their brand of punchy melodic tracks. Led by Canadian-Swede Taliesyn Kallstrom, the band sing in two languages, flirting between a mixture of English and Welsh and they've torn up the rulebook with the release of their debut EP 'Whoever She Was...' featuring their latest track 'Make A Man'. 

The sub-four minute track incorporates a sense of menace alongside visceral guitars and thumping drums. Powerful vocals are also at play in this assertive take on what Kallstrom recalls as: "The story of a heterosexual female's battle between desiring a man, whilst simultaneously having little respect for his self-important ego and misogynistic attitude towards women."  

With their band name translating to 'Aliens' in Welsh, their philosophy is taken from the idea to unite "'A band of general misfits and outcasts that never quite belonged to any country or nationality, being of mixed and international ancestry." 

Estrons vow to tackle and touch on topics such as dominance, belonging and the identity of the self in their tracks in a way that's admirable and certainly makes for a good listening experience. We can't shake the feeling that they're on to something big here; give them a listen and see for yourself. 

Words Lauren Wade

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