Clean Cut Kid

LIVERPOOL quartet, Clean Cut Kid team hooky Haim-tinged beats with a positive philosophy that threads throughout all of their tracks. Consisting of husband and wife Mike and Evelyn Halls and Saul Goodman and Ross Higginson, they describe their sound as "soulful pop ballads, washed in Mersey water" and if you're a fan of Brighton's Fickle Friends - then Clean Cut Kids will definitely be your cup of tea. 

Their debut track 'Vitamin C' sets the tone, a stunningly ethereal piece that is greeted with nods as to what the future might hold for them. It's a promising start and other cuts from the group, such as the uplifting anthem that is 'Runaway', dips into honeyed harmonies whilst singlehandedly winning listeners' hearts over. 

Clean Cut Kid have already earned themselves comparisons to Fleetwood Mac in their early 70s experimental stage and it's not hard to see why on tracks like '20 Years From Now' but they're coming into their own merit too.

Their brand of vibrant indie is a haven for all you minimalistic darlings out there and this hotly anticipated group are so good that one listen to them will coax the goosebumps right out of you. Clean Cut Kid are making clean-cut anthems and we can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for them. 

Words Lauren Wade

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