Goddam Nobody 'Stranger Daze'

INTRODUCING the retro-infused Goddam Nobody with their 50s/60s inspired psych sound. Hailing from Falmouth, Matthew Oliver is the man behind it all and his debut album 'No Lust For Life' is to be released in October. 

Stand out track 'Stranger Daze' features jangly guitars and an introductory riff with a 60s strut, whilst paisley wails appear throughout. Oliver is an exciting new voice to emerge with a slick and funky musical arrangement in the fresh cut. This is a minimalist effort that will have music fans marvelling at its subtle beauty. 

At its core the track is a distinctive head-bobbing affair, in which everything clicks. We'd be more than willing to bet that Goddam Nobody will go from strength to strength in the nearby future and we look forward to seeing what 'No Lust For Life' has to offer. 

Words Lauren Wade

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