Foals 'What Went Down'

THE much-loved Oxford five-piece, Foals are back with their fourth album 'What Went Down' that offers heavy rock riffs and sends this message to the competition: It's time to quit, it's been done.

The title-track is a snarling indicator of what's to come, 'What Went Down' is epically delicious and with lyrics in the vein of "When I see a man I see a lion" the track oozes with Queens of the Stone Age-esque vibes that are strewn throughout the record. 'Night Swimmers' echoes 2010's 'Total Life Forever' with incredible riffing that appear eager for festival crowds to unwrap, this particular track is the epicentre of explosion on the record and will go down a treat on the live shows the band have planned for later this year.

Continuing their policy of producing afro-indie beats, 'Albatross' is no exception with its dreamy textures and slight veer into an air of artistic gloom. This is just one of many tracks you'll have on repeat for the remainder of the year. Faintly reminiscent of Coldplay in places, 'Albatross' adds menace and mystique to the expansive and ambitious sound they have built up in remarkable fashion since 2008's 'Antidotes'. 'Mountain At My Gates' is another spectacular highlight from the album that contains a spine-tingling and pulsating finale. 

Foals' entire career has been leading up to this moment. 'What Went Down' is a collection of tracks that energises and evokes something otherworldly from inside you. Foals are back and operating with more bite than before, the seductive quality of previous album 'Holy Fire' lingers and the energy never dips, even on their woozier numbers such as 'Birch Tree' and 'London Thunder'. If you're looking to be dazzled you've come to the right place.

One last thought - they're going to rule the world. Take our word for it. 

Words Lauren Wade

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