Demob Happy 'Junk DNA'

BRIGHTON babes Demob Happy are a four-piece taking a stand against banality and apathy, whilst making seriously sweet sounds. Formed of lead singer/bassist Matthew Marcantonio, drummer Thomas Armstrong and guitarists Matthew Renforth and Adam Godfrey. In terms of their signature sound, think super-sized brooding epics tinged with Queens Of The Stone Age style riffs and snarls reminiscent of Metallica here and there. 

The quintet's track 'Junk DNA' is a frenetic anthem from the minute you press play. The riffs and beats come thick and fast, there's no doubt Demob Happy could give Muse a run for their money at times. The group manage to spark a frenzy and ensure listeners will be listening long after their sub five minute track is over. 

Dealing in mind-expanding material, we're excited to see what the future holds for this four-piece. If they keep up the bruising rhythms and searing guitar hooks, then it won't be long before they seamlessly transition into the band that everybody's talking about. 

Words Lauren Wade

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  1. STOP PRESS, everything about this song is AMAZING, especially the title :) xoxo