Temples 'Sun Structures'

Kettering neo-psychedelic four-piece Temples have been on the rise over the past year, now it's their time to unleash the full effect of their glittering, revamped psych vibes on a long-awaiting public. The revivalists debut 'Sun Structures' glitters in a blurred distortion that crawls under your skin, allowing Temples to euphorically take their sound to the next level.
Familiar and previous hits such as 'Colours To Life' and 'Shelter Song' make an appearance on this satisfyingly divine debut. The former being a hypnotic masterpiece that shimmies along as James Bagshaw's blissed out vocals injects dreamy additional layers. Elsewhere, the heavenly 'Mesmerise' is a moment in which Temples' modern rejuvenation of psych sounds comparable to material from The Horrors' 2011 album 'Skying'.
With a fondness for reverb and backwards guitar that serves them well, Temples have gone nuclear as proven by tracks such as 'The Golden Throne' and 'Move With The Season'. Their fondness and familiarity is one that elevates both tracks' retro sounds and has earned themselves a sizeable fanbase in the process.
Title-track 'Sun Structures' conjures a sound that achieves maximum intensity with an unwavering brilliance that drips in psychedelia. It is a psych-inflected gem with acid-soaked riffs - showing there is more to Temples than just mere hype and praise laid on thick by the likes of Oasis legend Noel Gallagher; they have elongated longevity.
Meanwhile, the psych strut of 'Sand Dance' doesn't quite reach Tame Impala standards but it comes reasonably close, Bagshaw's vocals also sound remarkably similar to T-Rex at times, giving the sound of the past a new lease of life. 'Sun Structures' proves itself to be one of the band's greatest moments to date and it is perfectly clear that psychedelia has re-flowered and produced this heavenly band, the finest of the fine with a debut that serves as a timely reminder of their rad nature. Expect more noise.

Words Lauren Wade

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